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The 10 best gaming chairs you can buy

Gaming chairs have become a benchmark in the world of video games. Every self-respecting gamer has a gaming chair. It is the element that allows gamers to enjoy their favourite hobby in the most comfortable way possible.

They are also unmistakable. Gamer chairs have aggressive designs, they convey playfulness in every detail and the overlapping cushions allow you to guess a comfort that can’t be compared to any other type of seat.

But the truth is that the best gaming chairs offer much more. They are not only designed to impress at first glance. They are also designed with ergonomics and functionality in mind, with the aim of making the user comfortable, for their well-being and health.

When choosing a gaming chair, you need to take all these issues into account. We help you make the right choice. We tell you about the most important features of this type of chair. And we present the three best gaming chairs you can currently buy.

best gaming chair brands

Features of the best gaming chairs
When choosing a gaming chair, you need to take certain features into account beforehand. Here are some of the most important features that the best gaming chairs can offer you today:

The backrest on gaming chairs is usually padded, which means that you have a comfortable seat to start with.

But some models also have cushions, especially in the lumbar area, so that you won’t suffer from any long-term problems. If only all chair models thought about the health of their users like this!

Armrests on a gaming chair are recommended if the gamer uses the PC for gaming.

Having your hands resting on the desk without your elbows finding a rest is a continuous strain that can cause discomfort over time.

Gamer chair adjustment options
Comfortable gaming is one of the main objectives of all the best gaming chairs.

For typing or even working, this type of chair can be used in its 90-degree adjustment, but when it’s time to start the game, most gamers prefer some tilt.

The seat tilt is also important if you have your monitors up high or if you play on a TV at home that is hung on the wall.

If you don’t want to suffer from neck problems and want to enjoy the best possible gaming experience, these chairs ideally have height and backrest tilt adjustment options.

However, the adjustment of gaming chairs is a world of its own. Some people prefer just 2-3 levels of adjustment, while other gamers are looking for a full tilt, even to the point of being able to play almost lying down!

It’s important to have a footrest
In addition to all these features, we recommend that you choose gamer chairs with footrests.

You won’t know what it’s like to enjoy the most comfortable gaming experience possible until you’re in front of the screen with your feet resting comfortably on these accessories.

A footrest also helps to keep your feet healthy. Those who are in front of a computer for a long time can suffer from muscular or circulatory problems by keeping their legs in a constant position, sometimes even in tension because they can’t rest them properly on the floor.

Don’t let this happen during your online game. Take advantage of your gaming chair’s footrest and give your legs a well-deserved rest.

When shopping, it’s a good idea to ask yourself which are the best cheap gaming chairs; if you don’t consider this, you’ll end up hating your poorly designed chair, even if it’s made of the best materials.

List of the best gaming chairs
When buying among the different gaming chairs on the market, you should consider both their quality and versatility, if it is adjustable and customisable, because the market offers a large number of models and possibilities that we must evaluate beforehand. We have the DxRacer chair, Drift chair and even a gamer chair with rgb lights.

Razer, Nacon, DxRacer, Woxter, Corsair and Mars chairs are among the most popular on the market. One thing is clear, and that is that they are more comfortable, much more functional and reclining up to 90º. Here are some of the most popular models.

The catalogue of gaming chairs is growing all the time. Gaming chairs have become one more “accessory” for all users, among other things because they are now more affordable than ever.

Deciding which is the best gaming chair has a lot to do with personal preferences, but we can get very close to what you are looking for, if we look at this TOP of the best gaming chairs.

  1. Nacon PCCH-650RGB
    The Nacon PCCH-650RGB gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs and therefore one of the best sellers. The main reason for this is because of its aesthetic appeal as well as its performance and, of course, also because it is one of the cheapest.

Visually it is spectacular. It has 20 different lighting modes, several of them colour jumping and fade. In addition, you can adjust the type of colour, brightness and speed.

Ergonomically it is perfect to take care of your back while you play, it has adjustable armrests in height and direction, lumbar cushion and also cervical cushion that you can adjust and remove as you prefer.

  1. Kitsune by Newskill
    If you’re looking for a chair that’s ergonomically designed for hours of gaming without numbing your bum, the Newskill Kitsune is one of the best gaming chairs in this regard. Its design perfectly adjusts to the curvatures of your back and provides maximum comfort. In addition, the seat and backrest are made of high-quality padding. It has lumbar and trapezius cushions that prevent back and neck strain.

The padded wrist rest allows you to maintain full control of the mouse and keyboard without sacrificing comfort. It is a chair made of quality materials and can hold up to 150 kilos.

The Newskill Kitsune is one of the best options, as it offers comfort and convenience, as well as a 180-degree recline.

  1. Drift DR150
    The drift gaming chair and specifically the DR 150 model has a good finish with premium materials. This is one of the best gamer chairs in terms of durability and stands out from the rest with its sturdy frame and premium fabric. A more solid option than the drift dr100 model for example.

In addition, it comes equipped with a class 4 gas piston, which makes it very resistant to the heavy weight. This type of model is adapted to the centre of gravity by means of a tilting system. It can be tilted up to 135 degrees and has a firm backrest structure that can be reclined to rest, work or play in the most comfortable way.

  1. DxRacer
    If you’re looking for the highest level of comfort and luxury in a gaming chair, don’t hesitate to get a DXRacer. This is the perfect chair for you. This manufacturer offers a wide range of models for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

This type of drifting harness is recommended for athletic people weighing between 50 and 77 kilos. The approximate height range is 160 cm to 180 cm. It has a swivel tilt mechanism, a 170 degree reclining backrest with tilt lock and seat height adjustment.

As usual, gamer chairs come with a headrest cushion, lumbar support cushion and height-adjustable armrest.

  1. Mars Gaming MGC3
    This is another model that is among the best gamer chairs for its excellent features. There is nothing better than resting your neck and head thanks to the padded headrest that this chair offers.

In addition, you can feel the softness of the polyurethane coating and clean it very easily to enjoy long sessions at the PC, thanks to the exclusive double padding system with dual density foam.

This model is designed for total adaptability thanks to its bi-directional armrests, which you can adjust as you wish.

  1. Corsair T3 Rush
    While it’s true that it’s not one of the cheapest gaming chairs, it’s undoubtedly one of the best gaming chairs and one of the most loved by its users for the features it offers, as well as its modern and elegant design. Thanks to its strong frame, you don’t have to worry about stretching too much; you won’t fall over. This model comes with a padded neck pillow and a viscoelastic foam lumbar support.

Another advantage of this model is that, if you are impatient, you should know that the assembly process is very simple; in less than 10 minutes you can assemble it and test its comfort. You don’t need to do a speed-run either, just remember to tighten the screws well.

The main disadvantage of this gaming chair is its price. Although it is true that it is a very good and complete chair, you have to take into account that part of the price you are paying is for the brand. This does not detract from the fact that it is one of the best high-end gaming chairs on the market.

  1. Newskill Eros
    If you’re a fan of a certain YouTuber who sometimes screams high-pitched, this is the chair for you. Newskill Eros combines the design of a typical writer’s chair and one of the best gamer chairs. Its mesh backrest makes its design curious and uniquely breathable.

This chair guarantees comfort and safety thanks to the quality of the materials used, as well as its foam padded seat, integrated headrest and upholstery.

The Newskill Eros chair comes equipped with several adjustment options: the seat base can be adjusted in both height and tilt, the wheels swivel 360°, allowing for great mobility, and the backrest is adjustable.

  1. HP Omen Citadel
    We are back to the high-end gamer chairs, and in this section, we are going to talk about the HP Omen Citadel. One of the main features HP took into account when making this chair was comfort, giving the model a spacious seat, extra thick cushions and a high, comfortable backrest for those long hours of gaming.

As is almost standard for chair models in this range, it comes with 4D adjustable armrests (up, down, front and back), lumbar cushion and a headrest.

With its 5-star steel base, this chair supports up to 136 kg, making it one of the most durable design chairs on the market. Because of these features, this chair is considered to be one of the best gaming chairs on the market.

If you are interested in buying a gaming chair and not spending all your life savings, you might want to check out some of the best cheap gaming chairs.

  1. Tempest Racing Sports
    This type of chair is ideal if you want to set up a room with several chairs of the same model, as they go very well together. The Tempest Racing Sports comes with a butterfly system, which will allow you to rock at approximately 18 degrees; you can lock the position that suits you best.

This saddle is made of nylon materials, providing a certain degree of comfort. Although in winter it can be an advantage if you are a hot person, in summer it can be counterproductive; it will be easy to clean but sweat will stick to it.

The rest of its features are what you would expect from a chair of this type: height adjustable, supports up to a maximum of 120 kg, nylon wheels, artificial leather and nylon?

  1. Drift DR300
    This chair is ideal if you want a chair with a futuristic, Cyberpunk style. The Drift gaming chair has a sturdy frame covered in padded FOAM and leatherette. It is available in 8 different colours.

In terms of customisation, the chair comes with a 3D adjustable armrest, class 4 piston (provides stability in all positions), nylon wheels and base (provides stability and good mobility), tilting seat to adapt to your centre of gravity, adjustable height and reclining backrest (up to 135 degrees).

EXTRA: Razer Enki
And we couldn’t close this list without mentioning one of the best chairs designed for the most demanding gamers: the Razer Enki model. This chair is the perfect choice for gamers looking for all-day comfort. With extended shoulder arches and an ultra-wide seat, weight distribution is optimal for long gaming sessions.

In addition, the lumbar curve and optimised cushion density ensure correct posture and increased cushioning. Its eco-sustainable two-textured leatherette and the reactive seat tilt of up to 152 degrees complete a comfortable and durable gaming chair.


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